We all have times in our lives when we are at a crossroads with no idea which way to turn. It’s hard to feel anything other than motionless. These crossroads can take many different forms: perhaps you’ve experienced a change in your family or your romantic relationship, perhaps a recent loss has left you coping with grief, perhaps you’re feeling stuck in a career position which no longer satisfies you. The one thing all of these “issues” have in common is your feelings of discomfort and helplessness.

You want to have a better relationship, be a better parent, have a better career, learn new ways of coping with stress and problems, or be better able to adjust to changing life circumstances. Perhaps you want a combination of the above. It’s difficult and uncomfortable to be unhappy with no idea how to change that. I believe that these crossroads and the events which may have led up to them, while difficult, are also an opportunity for change for the better. I believe that the change you want is attainable.

Together, we’ll examine what current stressors and behaviors are contributing to depression, anxiety or a state of stagnation. We will explore your family of origin and look at past and current patterns, such as self-esteem issues, substance use, body image issues, relationship issues, anger issues and more. We’ll identify manageable goals to help you achieve the changes you want, and we’ll work toward those goals using insight-oriented talk therapy and techniques from CBT and mindfulness practices. As a team, you and I will work to help you achieve a sense of competence in your life and the confidence in yourself to navigate difficult situations more effectively on your own.