My name is Lauren Urban, LMSW. I am a New York State-licensed therapist and Psychobabble, Brooklyn is my private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I graduated with honors from Hunter College School of Social Work in 2006, and have worked as a therapist in a variety of settings throughout New York City. I have been in private practice for the last four + years, and feel fortunate to be working with such committed clients in an amazing and vibrant community.

I work with:

-Adults with depression, anxiety, ADHD, problems with anger management and emotional regulation and difficult adjustments to changing life situations to improve their overall feeling of well-being, learn to better manage resultant stress and improve coping skills.

-Couples, to improve the partnership and feel more connected and better able to communicate their needs to one another.

-Children and families who need help to improve parenting and communication and to deal with the effects of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and behavioral disorders on the family.

My areas of specialty include:

-The LGBTQ community.

-Clients in recovery or considering recovery for drug and alcohol use.

-Clients with trichotillomania.